Home in motion

We love our home. It’s spacious, comfortable and full of memories. Actually, those same characteristics also apply to our “home on wheels in motion.” It’s spacious, comfortable and full of memories. At 350 square feet – give or take a few – of climate controlled interior space PLUS unlimited outdoor space to roam, we have made countless memories as a family and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Nick and I bought our first camper when Levi was just three weeks old. Our first adventure was a few weeks later to some no name town in Kentucky where I spent the time studying for the CPA exam, we ate (or more like didn’t eat) potatoes cooked burned scorched over the campfire and definitely looked like the inexperienced campers we were. I grew up camping. Nick grew up at horse shows. You’d think we would have had a somewhat of a good start camping. It sure felt like we did. But now we just look back and laugh. After nearly nine years of camping together we have a whole new routine and generally fair pretty well on setup and take down.

Here is the last picture we have of our first camper. You’ll have to excuse our tired looks – we spent the day transferring all our things from one camper to the next! Interestingly, our friends now own this camper after they purchased it from the owners after us.

Just a bit more space…

Our first camper was great, but a few years after Emmitt was born we had the opportunity to upgrade. That’s when we said goodbye to our 26 foot bumper pull and hello to our 32 foot “apartment on wheels.” After talking with a friend, we realized our fifth wheel has nearly as much square footage as a Chicago studio apartment! The additional space has been really great for our longer and more frequent trips. It also comes in really handy when we encounter cold or rainy weather but still want to visit with friends and family that may be with us.

“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.” -Leigh Hunt

Shout-out to our friends The Cranes who spent a week with us in the camper a couple years ago. Four adults and four boys (really, really quiet boys – ha!) for a week, including two nights boondocking. Great times! #Crahams

We are blessed to have many camping friends in varying stages of life (from young families to retirement). Some of these friends have been friends of ours for decades and it’s such a great time to spend time together. We have enjoyed multiple trips with 5+ families and 20+ people. Camping with big groups can present logistical challenges, but the camaraderie is beyond measure. Here’s to another camping season of memories!

2 thoughts on “Home in motion

  1. I love this so much friend!!! Have a beautiful adventure and safe travels. Keep us posted along the journey and take some pics. Can’t wait to hear about the boys’ reaction to the latest camping escapade. Love u guys. 💕

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