Every Monday should be like this

(Monday’s recap)

Have you ever been to a BrewThru?

These are all over the island so we decided to check it out yesterday. It’s is a drive-thru liquor store that is stocked with coolers of beer and wine on one side and t-shirts and trinkets on the other side. You pull in, give your order to the attendant and then drive away with your cold adult beverages ready for your next stop. Given the number of these places we have seen, you would think the beaches would be full of partygoers but the islands in general are not overly “touristy.”

After a lazy morning at the campsite, we spent the day at the beach. The water was cool but we quickly adjusted. There was a constant breeze so even while sitting in the sun it was very enjoyable. The beach was full of people but not crowded. We had plenty of space to run and play as well as relax without being close to the families next to us.

The boys stayed busy digging holes, building sand castles and jumping in the waves.

At one point Emmitt was just “taking it all in.” He sat like this for long enough that we thought he might have fallen asleep.

I timed this photo almost perfectly, capturing the wave just before it hit Nick and the boys by surprise – haha.

The boys and I were ready for the waves when it was our turn…

Around mid-afternoon we headed back to the camper for a rest. Although the boys didn’t nap, they did rest for quite a while watching a movie. We also decided a mid-afternoon ice cream was in order. Lucky for us, there is a Dairy Queen just a short walk from our campground!

The boys then found a playground complete with a jumping pad (like a trampoline) and Nick and I found lounge chairs in the shade.

We enjoyed a relaxing evening grilling steaks and brussel sprouts for dinner and then playing bean bag toss with the set Emmitt got for his birthday.

Since we are staying at a KOA there are plenty of activities going on. Tonight they had a “dive-in” movie – an outdoor movie on the pool deckfor campers to enjoy. As we waited to watch Zootopia, we caught a great sunset.

Here’s hoping we don’t wake looking like lobsters in the morning…

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