It’s not over yet

(Friday’s recap)

Today marks Day 8 of our vacation and the half-way point. Usually by now we are packing and preparing to head home, but this time we are headed to the beach for another day of fun in the sun! This is the longest vacation we have ever taken and it has been a great one so far.

It was our last day here before we head to our next stop so we did have to squeeze in some chores…like laundry and cleaning the camper. Although we typically prefer to stay at state parks or Federal reserves because of the additional space and generally less congestion, camping at a KOA (or other commercial parks) for long trips has it perks. There is a laundry room just a short walk from our site so I didn’t have to leave to find a laundromat and could wash loads during breakfast.

We soaked up our last hours here at the beach of course! The boys had such and great time and have asked no less than 10 times when we will visit the beach again. Around 5pm we headed back to the camper to clean up. We would have loved to stay longer, but we had all gotten enough sun for the day and we still had a few errands to run tonight.

One of the stops we made tonight was for fuel. This marked only our second fuel stop since leaving home 8 days and 1,360 miles ago thanks to the extra 50 gallon tank Nick installed in his truck. The truck already had a 34 gallon tank, giving us a total of 84 gallons of fuel before we need to refill.

The other (and possibly most important stop) was to purchase Duck Donuts for the morning. Our plan is to leave the campground by 6am tomorrow to head to our next destination so we plan to eat in the truck.

Since we had packed up most of the camper tonight we decided to grab a quick dinner at the restaurant here at the campground. It wasn’t anything fancy but the food was good.

There is a missionary group that coordinates all the summer activities here at the camp ground. Tonight’s activities included roasting s’mores at the campfire ring in the middle of the park. Afterwards the boys decorated their bikes for the glow parade around the campground.

Now you see them…

Now you don’t…

Nick captured one last sunset over the ocean to cap off this part of the trip. I love how the houses are captured in the mirror to showcase the typical style here in the Outer Banks.

Here’s to a restful nights sleep!

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