Lazy Sunday

(Sunday’s recap)

Today was a lazy Sunday…so lazy in fact I don’t have a single picture for the blog.

Since we arrived after the office was closed last night, we had to finish checking in this morning. Then we headed to the Walmart a few miles away to buy groceries for the week. I wanted to do the Walmart pick up again, but this store wasn’t found on the app. Levi helped me with the groceries while Emmitt and Nick found a car wash to clean the salt water off the truck.

We made a quick lunch at the camper and then headed to the pool. The pool was refreshing given that we are back where humidity is in full force. We met a retired couple at the pool who lives here full-time. The guys ended up talking equipment and engines upon realizing they had that in common.

The campground is mostly permanent campers with some spots for temporary camping. Most of the people here are retired, but there were a few kids (likely visiting grandparents).

After swimming, we played UnoAttack in the camper and watched movies. Our friend, Linda, brought UnoAttack when she camped with the boys and me about a month ago and they loved it!

Everyone has talked about how it hasn’t rained in quite sometime and they really need a good rainfall. As a result of the dry spell, there is currently a ban on fireworks and even campfires so we won’t be enjoying a campfire tonight. In fact, we’ve been so busy we haven’t built a single campfire yet!

We headed into the town of Washington, NC for dinner to try out Frank’s Pizza, a place recommended to us by the locals we met at the pool. They had more than just pizza, including a wide variety of Italian food.

Despite the fact that it was sprinkling once we returned to the camper – we must have brought some rain with us – we were able to get in a quick bike ride around the campground. The rest of tonight is dedicated to movies and reading.

The plan is to head to our next stop after breakfast in the morning!

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