On the road again and a little fun

(Monday’s recap)

We must be bringing the rain along with us because it rained quite a bit last night – sounds like that was a welcome change for the town. We left Washington, NC this morning around 9am to head to Charlotte, NC for the rest of the week. The first part of the drive took us past several tobacco fields, a crop the boys hadn’t really seen before. There were a few corn fields scattered throughout but it was much less prevalent than the tobacco.

Since we are staying on the Northside of Charlotte, our route took us through Raleigh where the traffic picked up. The drive today was different than we had seen in over a week with three and four lanes of traffic for a decent amount of the trip.

We arrived at our campsite around lunchtime and setup. Although we had been in the truck most of the day already, we jumped back in and headed south into Charlotte to The Speedway Park (a go kart track and mini golf). Levi loves NASCAR and was excited to ride go karts.

The mini golf was NASCAR themed with fun facts at each hole. Emmitt was big stuff and got to drive his own kart too. Unfortunately, the max speed on it was turned way down and he was a bit frustrated when he figured that out but he had fun nonetheless!

They had two-seater karts the four of us raced twice. Emmitt liked the speed of those much better! Then, Levi and Nick raced big karts…a first for Levi to drive his own.

In addition to the go karts and mini golf, they had a big slide and trampolines.

The park was really close to Charlotte Motor Speedway so we drove past it. This was the first the boys knew the racetrack was here and I still don’t think they realize how much more NASCAR stuff is in the area!

We turned around in the parking lot of a local museum. It was closed for the night, but had a few cars sitting outside so we were able to grab some photos.

The car at the entrance is from the movie Talladega Nights!

If you’re not first you’re last! – Talladega Nights

Levi asked if we could come back when they are open…they going to be sooooo excited about tomorrow’s surprise plans!

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