Down the backstretch and headed towards the finish

(Thursday’s recap)

Today we rounded out our visits to the NASCAR shops we plan to see while we are here by visiting Richard Childress Racing (RCR). This is the only team shop/museum we had to pay to see.Although, it wasn’t free like the other teams, there was a much larger display than any of the others.

These first two cars were some of the teams early cars and were sitting in the gift shop…which was free to see.

The actual museum housed a large number of cars and took you through the original shop for RCR. We were able to read about the history of how the company began and the early formation of the racing team for Childress and Earnhardt.

One of Earnhardt’s cars was available for you to sit in – which the boys of course had to do!

The back of the shop had a room where the hauler for Dale Earnhardt’s car is displayed. There was a short video describing how the truck and trailer were reunited and driven one last time into the place it is parked today. The blackboard show in the background is full of signatures from fans in remembrance of Dale Earnhardt.

The inside gives you a glimpse of what items the teams transport to each race.

In addition to the NASCARs on display, there was a section dedicated to Richard Childress’ hunting and wildlife protection. Also, there was a special display of a Legend car driven most recently by Kix Brooks. It was fun for the boys to see a Legend car up close since we just watched these types of cars race earlier in the week.

Down the road from the museum was the shop for the current cars. As we walked past a room where a few of the mechanics were working, they waved us in and gave the boys new hats. This could have been because Levi was wearing his Chase Elliott – Hendricks Motorsports hat; although I think they really wanted to just give them a hat. I joked he was wearing the wrong hat for their shop and they responded with “Chase is a good guy!” Yet another thing I have appreciated about our visit to each place is the way each staff member has been polite, shared information and generally been happy to support fans. Regardless of their role (reception, mechanic, office/management, crew) each person went out of their way to say hi, wave or acknowledge us in some other way.

The picture below shows several of the cars currently being worked on in the RCR shop. By this time, all of the teams are on the road to Kentucky Speedway for Saturday’s race so none of these are the cars for the upcoming race, but could be for the next few weeks.

We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant before heading back to the camper to spend the rest of the day. By the time we returned to the campsite Emmitt had fallen asleep and ended up taking a two hour nap – how will he ever make it in Kindergarten?Nick and Levi headed to the pool to swim before the rain hit. And I practiced guitar and enjoyed book.

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