Our “Redneck Yacht Club”

It’s crazy to think school begins Thursday! The summer has flown by – likely because we’ve made sure to pack as much as possible into the short 10 weeks. I suppose we could have stayed home this weekend and rested as a transition back to school for both boys, but that really isn’t our style. So instead we planned a weekend at Kentucky Lake with friends. This is the second year we’ve done this and it’s the perfect end to summer break.

We arrived on Friday and setup camp then decided to try dinner at Catfish Kitchen. The last time we ate there was four years ago and we were looking forward to it. It’s still as popular as it used to be because they couldn’t seat any more people that night. So it was back to camp to grill burgers and bratwursts instead – which really were quite yummy. It was a beautiful night complete with s’mores and a campfire.

Saturday morning we enjoyed homemade breakfast sandwiches before packing for the lake.


On our way to the dock, I snapped a picture of the kids. They pointed out that on this particular weekend their ages were six, seven, eight and nine. (Actual order in the picture above is six, nine, seven and eight.)

On the pontoon, Makin’ waves and catchin’ rays up on the roof, Jumpin’ out the back, don’t act like you don’t want to, Party in slow motion, Out here in the open, Mm, motorboatin’ – excerpt from Pontoon by Little Big Town

We stayed at Kentucky Dam Village State Park and rented a pontoon from Kentucky Dam Village. There are many options on Kentucky Lake but this is convenient, clean and quiet so it works well for us.

Once out on the lake we met up with our friends the Cranes who were boating with their family. We didn’t initially know we were going to be at the lake on the same weekend, but of course when we found out we decided to meet. Finding each other on a lake with random landmarks on the shore as our guide proved a little difficult. Thankfully with modern technology we were able to drop a pin on our phone maps and navigate to each other.

During the day, we stopped in several coves to float and swim. Of course we also enjoyed a fair amount of snacks and lunch aboard the boat as well.

The morning was sunny. The water was perfect. The afternoon…well that was a different story.

In the picture above the sun was shining and the water was calm. A couple of hours before we planned to head back to the marina a storm unexpectedly blew in. At first it looked just like a little rain, but quickly we realized we should come up with plan B. Instead of being able to head north to the marina we ended up having to head south and hang out in a cove while the storm passed. We waited what we thought was long enough then began the trek back to the marina. About halfway back we realized the storm wasn’t over and we were driving straight into the rain. By this time the sky was darker, the wind was blowing, the air had cooled and the waters were rougher than normal. It certainly made for an eventful trip back. Of course the skies had cleared shortly after pulling into the dock!

I had plugged in our crockpot outside that morning so supper would be ready when we returned. Luckily the lid didn’t leak and the power stayed on all day so dinner was safe through the storm. Unfortunately, we forgot to fold our chairs up before we left the campsite this morning so they were soaked upon our return. After dinner, we lounged in the camper and caught up on our Scooby Doo fix. By 9pm we were all wiped out – what a wild crowd we are!

Sunday morning was a typical last morning at the campsite with breakfast followed by packing up to head home and back to reality!