Fall Creek Falls

Well, I’m a little delayed in posting about our last trip. But late is better than never, right?

The last weekend in September we took our annual fall camping trip to Tennessee with several other families. It’s quite the crew when everyone is there and continues to grow each year with expanding families – sometimes in the form of bringing your parents and sometimes from the birth of new children. There are easily 20 of us at any given time. I’m not quite sure just how many years we have joined the crew for this trip but I think this made year 4 or 5 for us.

Life is funny in the way our paths cross. We initially joined this group after being invited by a co-worker of mine and soon made the connection that one of my junior high teachers is part of their circle! We certainly feel blessed by the growth of old and new friendships over the years.

For many years, we traveled to Nashville, TN and camped at Percy Priest/Seven Point Campground. Unfortunately, because we were taking the trip a few weeks later in the year we couldn’t reserve sites there. Not to worry…we are open to try new things! Fall Creek Falls is a few hours further southeast but was a fairly easy drive for the most part.

Nick and I left on Thursday after I got off work and came home to pack. (That’s the story of my life…I’m forever throwing my clothes in the camper last minute and hoping I packed appropriately for the weather. Luckily Nick packs almost everything else in the camper during the day so we are ready to roll when I get home.)

The last 30-40 minutes of our drive was straight through the “intestinal tract” of the mountains. The road had so many turns I quickly lost all sense of which direction we were traveling! Nonetheless, we made it around 11pm and just like old times we set up the campsite in the dark.

My parents then joined us on Friday after picking up the boys from school. They typically only stay through Sunday to limit the days of school the boys miss while we stay until Monday for an extra day away.

As we were packing, we realized there was a golf course in the state park so we made a last minute decision to pack our clubs. Friday morning we had some time to ourselves before my parents arrived with the kids in tow so we played 9 holes. On the first hole we watched a family of deer just hanging out! Surprisingly, I had a pretty decent day on the course.

That afternoon it was back to camp. Nick traveled back to Evansville that night for a commitment with Tres Dias and was gone most of the day on Saturday.

On Saturday, my dad stayed around the campsite with our friends while I went for a hike with the boys and my mom to see Fall Creek Falls. This waterfall is the tallest falls east of the Rockies! Although, the drought caused the falls to be less impressive than they typically might be, it was still worth the hike!

Saturday night was our usual pitch in dinner and this year soup was on the menu! As always it was soooo good! Most of Sunday was spent playing cards, catching the Colts game, and enjoying each others’ company.

Before we parted ways on Monday, the group agreed to Kentucky Lake for our Fall 2020 location.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend…I didn’t even take any pictures except the ones of the course! Guess I was really living in the moment.

Take only memories. Leave only footprints. – Chief Seattle

If you want to check out the park, you can find more details on their website.


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