Tricks and Treats

Camping is the answer. Who cares what the question is. -Unknown

It’s hard to believe that Fall Break 2019 is already over! Although we still have one more camping trip of 2019 left, the season is quickly coming to a close.

We spent the weekend at Patoka Lake with friends to celebrate this year. It had been a few years since we’ve visited this campground and it was much busier than the last time since it was their Autumn Getaway weekend. One of the best parts about camping in the fall is participating in many of the campground activities, including trick or treating.

Friday the boys went on a hike and bike ride in between the rain showers. I arrived at the campground later that night to a camper full of energized kids. We finished the evening playing UnoAttack, which is much more exciting than traditional Uno.

On Saturday morning my friend and I spent the morning at the local winery checking out the decor and enjoying wine slushes while the guys held down the fort with the kids.

That evening the campground came alive with people for trick-or-treating. We didn’t even explore the entire place and returned with overflowing bags of goodies.

Fall break weather can be unpredictable and this year was no different. Friday was raining and chilly Saturday night and Sunday morning were downright cold and Sunday afternoon was sunny and beautiful! We spent most of Sunday relaxing in the sunshine, reading books, and bike riding. We did manage to take a trip to the nature center to see a bald eagle, log cabin and learn about the history of how Indiana state parks were founded.

We ended the last night here with s’mores, campfire cones and cinnamon apples (because we weren’t quite to the point of a sugar coma from all the Halloween candy that had been consumed). All in all, it was a great weekend with good food, great company and wonderful memories!