First Time For Everything

Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

Jaime Lyn Beatty

Nick and I have been working on a plan for a while and a couple of months ago, that plan came to fruition when we bought a Jeep. Early in our marriage we had a Jeep and enjoyed driving the trails. We took a break when the kids were younger but they have now reached an age where we were ready to pick that up again. So while this isn’t a first for us it is for the kids and they love it!

Our first Jeep wasn’t nearly this nice!
Nick hates selfies 😉

After camping in our friend’s driveway, we spent Sunday afternoon driving all over the county in the Jeep. This was the first day it was nice enough to take the doors off! We stopped by to see a few more friends who were camping on a piece of property they own in the area.

Emmitt was so tired he fell asleep backwards in his car seat while we were there visiting! He eventually woke up and joined the other kids playing in the creek.

How does he sleep like that?

On Memorial Day, we rented a pontoon on Kentucky Lake with our friends Grant and Brynn and their kids. The last several years we have rented a pontoon with Grant and his girls later in the summer but when the opportunity arises, we don’t pass it up.

When Nick was growing up he would go tubing with his family on the river, but I had never been so this was a first for both the boys and me. We had a blast!

Yep…sleeping again!

It was a beautiful morning so we decided to drive the Jeep to the lake with the top off. The way home was not quite the same sunny sky! I monitored the radar while we drive just north of the storm. Thankfully, we arrived home dry as a bone.

The end to a long but full-filled weekend!

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