We’re Back…

As I logged in to write this post my account reminded I had not posted since October. October! It’s nearly the end of May! I may be a little rusty but here we go…

Summer has arrived and camping season officially kicked off this weekend! While Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer for many, by now we would have ventured out on at least a few camping trips. However, this year COVID-19 had different plans for us. The last two weekends we were scheduled to camp with friends at our local park. But when Indiana state parks closed to camping, so did our local park. We generally aren’t ones to let life pass us by so we adapted and setup our own campground in the driveway of Fox Family Camping. (Nick and I have known Jason and Brooke since we were kids and now our kids are growing up together.)

Welcome to our site at Otter Creek Campground located in Franklin National Park. This site is located in Snake Run Loop and complete with a gravel pad, electric, nearby water hookup and access to a bathhouse.

Otter Creek Campground – Snake Run Loop
Located in Franklin National Park
(Naming rights care of Franklin, Jason and Nick)

On the first night the kids visited the nearby “petting zoo” and Levi and Emmitt helped Annabelle and Franklin feed their 4-H goats.

The animal fun continued into the evening with a little frog catching…

At last count there were 22 frogs and a bonus lizard! Don’t worry, the kids practiced catch and release.

Saturday was full of fun. The dads and boys went fishing while the girls enjoyed time at the campsite. The boys were eager to share that Levi caught a 40-pounder named Emmitt. Boys! Thankfully no one was seriously injured at it makes for an interesting story.

This campground even had a waterslide which provided hours of entertainment. By the end of the evening the kids were exhausted and took the opportunity to unwind with an outdoor movie.

And don’t forget about the moms…after months of social distancing it was nice to enjoy some girl time by the campfire and by the “pool.”

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and add some vodka!

Mom’s wanna have fun too!

When planning camping trips, food is a high priority. Friday night we had one of our favorite camping meals (really favorite in general) – a taco bar. It’s easy to plan and everyone can find something they like. Saturday night was Franklin’s 10th birthday celebration. The birthday boy’s choice was a yummy fish fry and Avengers cake courtesy of Chef Brooke!

Although our first camping trip of 2020 didn’t exactly look like we initially thought it would, we had a blast! We definitely proved it’s not where you are (driveway vs campground) but who you are with that makes the difference.

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