A New Place With New Campers

It isn’t often in the Midwest you are able to experience the perfect weather for camping in the late spring/early summer. But this weekend was just that with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, no rain, and a gentle breeze. To make the weekend even more enjoyable our campsite was on the edge of a peaceful lake.

Notice the dirty truck? We had never visited West Boggs Park before so we plugged it into our GPS. A few times over the years, we’ve decided GPS should have settings to indicate when you are pulling a fifth wheel camper with a one-ton truck and this time was no different. A few miles on back country rock roads later we found it! We also found a better way to return that was all highway. Regardless, the adventures were only beginning.

We discovered West Boggs Park is a well-kept secret (at least from us) only an hour from our house! The park is full of adventure from hiking/biking trails to fishing to putt-putt. There’s also a golf course, beach, playground and a nice boat ramp. My own personal adventure began Friday night when I was accidentally whacked in the face with a kayak oar by one of my kiddos! Thankfully, the bruising was minor although the pain was not!

Just gotta laugh…

The campground was introduced to us by my friend and co-worker, Kyle, who visits here often. He invited us and another friend Jean and her family. All of the kids were about the same age and became fast friends.

Friday night dinner consisted of fresh fried fish! Fried fish while camping might become a new tradition for us. After dinner we took a boat ride to explore the lake. Kyle let each of the kids take turns being captain!

I always enjoy watching the sunset over water.

On Saturday morning we had a relaxing start to the day with breakfast casserole in the Dutch oven and biscuits and gravy. The kids rode bikes and played putt-putt.

Around mid-day we took the boat out for an afternoon of tubing. This is something we had never done as a family until last weekend and now the kids love it! Levi stayed on the whole time. Emmitt took a spill when he decided to test his bravery and stood up on the tube just before splashing into the water! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the actually tumble into the water because it was cute!

After the initial shock he thought it was quite funny.

All the boating worked up appetites among the group. We enjoyed a taco bar and campfire cones before a little nighttime fishing and chatting around the campfire.

After two fun-filled days and late nights the kids slept in late on Sunday morning. This meant I enjoyed a book and cup of coffee while Nick fished. The blue gill were biting but varied a lot in size. Check out this little one! He has some more growing to do so back in the water he goes.

Sunday means packing up to head home and prepare for the week ahead. Although I never look forward to leaving, I love dreaming about our next adventure. This park definitely made the cut for a return trip.

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