It’s A Jeep Thing

Jeep quotes

When we purchased our Jeep only a few months back, we didn’t waste any time beginning to build the story we wanted to tell. COVID-19 might have threatened to put a damper on our summer, but we were determined to capitalize on the family time together! To say we love the great outdoors might be an understatement…camping, fishing and now Jeepin’ fills out calendar.

Now that the weather is warmer, the Jeep sees a lot of road time for errands as well as pizza and ice cream runs. But Jeeps are made for more than just asphalt! Red Bird State Recreation area is just a few hours from our house so it is the perfect day trip. We packed a picnic lunch and headed for the trails.

Near the beginning of the day, we pulled up to a series of trails on a pretty steep trail to “check it out” and the boys were not thrilled. They weren’t ready to attempt these hills (and honestly neither was the Jeep).

We continued on an found more reasonable trails for us to continue exploring. There was just enough excitement to keep it interesting and tame enough to keep our vehicle intact.

I really love riding with the top off, but it was a scorcher that day so it was nice many of the trails were covered by trees for a little relief.

The trip isn’t always just about the destination. The journey can add a new perspective that keeps the trip exciting. On the way to Red Bird we took the highway so we opted to travel county roads home. They sky was a beautiful blue and the farm fields lining the roads were the perfect picture of summer in Southern Indiana.

Of course a Jeep ride isn’t complete for our family without a little ice cream so we stopped off at Mason’s Root Beer, an old fashion drive up restaurant. And when the name includes root beer, you must order a root beer float!

A few weeks after our trip, the winch for our Jeep arrived. Levi has been working in the shop with Nick on several projects this summer and added winch installation to the list of new skills he is learning.

It won’t be long and he will be in this seat for real!

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