Date weekend

I had a few days off in June so Nick and I took a quick trip to McCormick’s Creek State Park, just the two of us. Each year we attempt to schedule a weekend trip with either just the two of us or another couple. While we love camping as a family, it’s great to camp as a couple too.

Since we booked this trip very last minute, we ended up with the only spot in the entire campground that was available. Just as our luck would have it the spot was in the middle of two different families with kids and a dog. Thankfully, they were very nice and their dog was cute too.

We arrived Thursday night and headed into the town of Spencer, IN after setting up to check out the dinner options. We stumbled across Civilian Brewing Corps, a cute place with unique home brews. Neither of us are craft beer connoisseurs so we chose a flight for a little taste test. I don’t remember all the names, but one had hints of grapefruit which I love! We split a Cuban sandwich and dry rub boneless wings for our meal.

Typically, we don’t make plans on adult weeks and take the time to explore places we might not otherwise see. Right outside of the park was a sign for Owen Valley Winery so we decided to check it out. We were excited to find this hidden gem just 6 miles from the park!

The outdoor seating made this the perfect stop for relaxing and social distancing all in one.

The winery is locally owned with a variety of wines for all palettes. We started with a flight of wines to try a few and settled on a cider that was perfect for the warm day. The owner helped us pick a great cheese plate to pair with our wine selection.

After dinner on Friday night we took a quick hike. Saturday we were able to explore the trails a bit more before packing up to head home.

Since we camped from Thursday to Saturday, we still had a chance for family fun on Sunday in our (new to us) fishing boat. We purchased the boat from a friend as another fun “social-distancing” activity.

Some days I truly miss the baby and toddler stages, but this season of life is really exciting and full of adventures. The boys are old enough we can take off at a moments notice and see so many places. They are also growing to be independent and learning many new skills, such as fishing!

2 thoughts on “Date weekend

  1. I am curious as to your thoughts/review on Owen Valley winery? I used to live just outside of Spencer (and my mom grew up there and worked at the state park) but I have never been to the winery. I did really enjoy hiking and riding bikes at McCormick’s Creek – I have been going there since I was a kid.

    An alternative to the park is to camp (and hike too, if you like a more remote experience) at Owen-Putnam State Forest, which is off the same highway but out the opposite side of town.


    1. We will have to check out Owen-Putnam State Forest.

      We loved the winery! It was quaint and relaxing. The owners were great and the wines were nice at a reasonable price. Much less commercialized than other places – which is something they prided themselves on. It’s a good day trip. We’d be up for a visit again.


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