Who knew Evansville Gun Club had a campground?

When COVID cancels your plans you make lemonade from the lemons! Every year a group of guys from our friend group travels to Friendship for a weekend of shooting. Since large gatherings were not allowed under the state mandates, the guys created their own fun. Although, Nick has not previously attended our family was invited this year so we took the opportunity to tag along with friends.

The guys came up with XNMLRA which stands for something, but I just don’t remember what 🙂

Nick’s grandpa used to shoot on a regular basis so it was sort of nostalgic for him. Levi is getting big enough to join in as well. In addition to shooting, he enjoyed pushing the buttons to release the clay pigeons for those up next.

Hours of entertainment for Levi
He’s a better shot than me.

I worked remotely two of the days we were camping, but it was nice to have the option to accomplish work I needed to while not missing out on the family fun!

Saturday morning, the boys and I played a game of Uno with our neighbor Leah. I don’t recall who won, but playing with our ear muffs definitely made it difficult to hear us say “uno”!

You’ll notice a theme – no camping trip is complete without ICE CREAM! I’m pretty sure the small pizza and ice cream place in Elberfeld didn’t know what hit them when we rolled up with car loads of kids looking for a refreshing treat. It was so hot and there were so many of us the ice cream machine struggled to keep up.

Saturday was the big #7 for Emmitt! I captured the picture below during breakfast. When I looked over I couldn’t believe how he’d grown seemingly overnight.

That night we had a small “birthday party” for Emmitt complete with a taco bar and cake courtesy of neighbor Vanessa and her daughter, Maggie. Yummy!

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