Birthday Fun in the Sun

Birthday parties for the boys typically consist of camping weekends at Scale Lake Park, a taco bar and lots of friends who hang out. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best option this year (yep…COVID) so we chose a joint birthday party at our house instead. The boys got a kick out of saying they were turning “17” since they were partying together. (Note, I’m no where near ready for 17 and neither are they so we will stick with 7 and 10 for now!)

We held the party on July 11th which was the night before our annual 4-H Fun Night was supposed to be held. Fun Night is an evening of games that is held after project check-in. Since COVID-19 cancelled the in person fair, Fun Night was cancelled too.

Remember those families we camp with? Well, they are 4-H families also so it was the perfect opportunity to recreate our own Fun Night. First up was sack races.

Wheel barrow races are always fun, but your arms better be ready!

Who knew eggs became unbreakable on grass? We thought maybe they were made of rubber!

And then for the main event…tug of war between Stevenson/Wagner and Thorny Grove. Even the dads jumped in to participate.

It was hot and we were sweaty but the laughs and camaraderie outweighed all that.

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