Fly Over States

(Wednesday’s recap)

Have you ever heard the song Fly Over States by Jason Aldean? For anyone growing up in the Midwest, this song is like an anthem.

Just a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms, man it all looks the same

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean

We left Columbia, MO this morning heading west on I-70. True to the song there are a bunch of farm fields lining the interstate from Missouri through Kansas. It all may look the same but the view of a blue sky and sun shine kissing the fields is a marvelous mystery.

Around lunchtime we stopped at Cabellas just west of Kansas City, KS to explore the African exhibit. This was truly a tribute to wild animals! This Cabellas also has the world’s largest mule deer exhibit. We are used to deer, but don’t see any this size around home!

Miles and miles of back roads and highways, connecting little towns with funny names

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean

Finding towns with funny names was one of our activities for the day. There were plenty to choose from and we even found a town that reminded us of home!

Who’d want to live down there in the middle of nowhere?

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean
I could live there.

The town of Cawker City, KS may not look like much and if you blink you’d miss it, but it is home to the world’s largest ball of twine! And to think it all started with a farmer who was just cleaning up twine. This is certainly something you only see when you take the time to go off the beaten path (interstate and big cities).

They’ve never drove through Indiana. Met the men who plowed that earth, planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me.

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean

We were recently introduced to an app called Harvest Hosts. This app provides a map full of farms, wineries/breweries and museums around the country that welcome you to spend the night on their property (in your own camper of course). There is a small annual fee and some rules for you to follow, but I was so excited to try it out on this trip!

Our first stop using this app was at North 40 Alpacas in Kansas. The owners Mitch and Vickie were very accommodating! (She was the one who even clued us in on the ball of twine.). Their alpaca farm is worth the visit!

From the moment we parked we sat under the shade with a refreshing breeze until supper time. The air was so fresh and clean! Even living in the country, I’m not sure our skies are this blue!

After dinner, we helped feed the alpacas. The boys laughed and played with them for a long time.

After working feeding the animals, we visited their store which is full of products made with alpaca wool. We each bought a pair of socks to bring the memory home. The boys have cute pairs with alpaca faces on them!

Another couple, Doug and Cindy, stayed there as well on their way back home to Texas after traveling with their granddaughter. Camping has allowed us to meet many people from various parts of the country. (Growing up my family met another family from Missouri while camping and planned at least one other trip with them. Over the years, we lost touch but it is still cool to think about randomly meeting new people and sharing similar interests so many miles from home.)

Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean

You’d think heaven’s doors have opened. You’ll understand why God made those fly over states.

Fly Over States – Jason Aldean

(Click for the video and lyrics. I do not own the rights to this song.)

6 thoughts on “Fly Over States

    1. So far we’ve read books about What What the Wild West, Who was Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail and a book on the state of Colorado. History and geography lessons in one!


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