Rocky Mountain Views

(Thursday’s recap)

This morning we left Kansas and headed further west into Colorado. Today’s drive was the longest so far at 438 miles. We had good weather and the drive was pretty easy until the last hour or so when we entered the mountains.

Before leaving Kansas we drive through a small town that still had brick streets which was pretty neat. We also drove past several wheat fields on this stretch. You could see the landscape changing from lush greens to drier varieties of plants. We read a book on Colorado and learned it is divided into 3 major landscapes – the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plateau.

In Denver, CO you can begin to see the Rocky Mountains. This is by far my favorite mountain range and includes some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen!

Shortly into the Rockies, we saw this gold mine mill which is located on the edge of a small town.

We are staying at Lowry Campground, NPS which is located just outside of the town of Dillion, CO. The elevation is just over 9,500 feet…8,000 feet higher than where we stayed last night.

This campground is small, but does have electric hook-up and access to water. In order to reach the campground, you turn off into a rock road with a fantastic view.

There are signs reminding campers of potential bears in the area and each site has a metal container for those staying in tents to store their food items.

We arrived just in time for a quick storm to roll in and the first sprinkles fell as we finished setting up. Even with the misty air and cloudy skies, I could tell this place was going to be all I had hoped.

When the storm passed and the sun peaked through the clouds, it did not disappoint!

I think the Rockies are cousins to the Smokies!

Emmitt Graham

Frisco, CO is only 15 minutes from the campground so we took a drive into town for dinner. Frisco is an old mining town and somewhat reminds me of Gatlinburg, TN in the Smoky Mountains. It isn’t near as touristy, but has shops and restaurants lining the streets. They even closed Main Street to cars and added outdoor seating for all of the restaurants. We ate outside at a grille and then stopped at a local ice cream shop for dessert.

After dinner, we continued around Lake Dillion to take in more views on our way back to camp. Breathtaking!

Lake Dillion has a dam you can drive over which was neat.

View from the dam
City below the dam

We caught a gorgeous sunset from the camper and ended the night watching a movie.

My whole world

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