(Monday’s recap)

It Is Never Too Early To Begin Exploring The World.


I started this blog last year before our two week camping trip to Outer Banks, NC as a way for family and friends to keep up with our travels. I continued writing after each weekend camping trip that year and have been going ever since, capturing our weekend adventures and long vacations.

Traveling as a family has been wonderful. For us, camping has allowed us to see so many places much sooner than we might have otherwise and in some cases travel with limited set plans. There’s no need to book a hotel room – our beds are behind us wherever we go. Meals are cheaper with the kitchen in tow. And COVID-19 didn’t stop us this year since we were able to avoid public areas for the most part and use our own facilities.

We’ve seen a lot of cool places through the windshield of this truck.


Today marks the final leg of this journey back home to Southern Indiana. By the time we pull into the driveway we will have traveled 3,766 miles across 10 states in 14 days! The only route, we took twice was the short leg of I-64 from the Indiana-Illinois border to home.

This trip added three new states for the four of us bringing our family total to 19 states (shown in green). We’ve pulled our 32-foot fifth wheel to each of these states as well!

Number of family members: Red – 1, Orange – 2, Purple – 3, Green – 4

We saw a lot of things for the first time together as a family.


We boondocked at Bass Pro in Missouri, fed alpacas in Kansas, hiked the Continental Divide in Colorado, touched dinosaur fossils in Utah, slept at the foot of plateaus in Wyoming, explored Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, met gardeners in Nebraska, visited family in Iowa, watched a crop duster in Illinois and so much more!

Dinosaurs…we saw dinosaurs!


Dinosaurs weren’t the only historic things we saw. We read numerous historic markers, studied library books and googled fun facts as we traveled to the west and back. History brought us to where we are today. God’s beauty can be found in the geography of this Great Nation. It felt like we toured a large number of wonderful sites, yet I know we didn’t touch the countless number left to explore.

Every mile of the journey holds a memory I’ll cherish.


From enjoying a slower pace and home cooked meals as a family to sleeping with open windows and no air conditioning to meeting new faces and seeing new sites, this trip has truly been one of a kind! After all, it isn’t everyday you wake to a peacock checking out himself in the shiny metal of your truck’s bumper!

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